for the acquisition of Northlake Apartments and Tanglewood Apartments in Warner Robins, GA

What We Love About This Project


  1. We are purchasing an asset that has positive cash flows from day one. Current unrenovated rents are under market by $100.
  2. All-in cost basis is ~$8.5k+ per door LOWER than comparables.
  3. Northlake is situated in a quiet well-maintained residential area. The property is a picturesque environment on a lake surrounded by Georgia pines.
  4. Tanglewood is located in the middle of a family community with a welcoming large church, and a brand new $18m sports complex right next door.
  5. Currently, 95% of all units are in classic condition, with the 5% renovated units as a proven value add that can generate an additional $100/unit.

What We Love About The Properties

Northlake Apartments – 115 units

  • The tree-lined property with multiple docks, pergolas and our planned walking trails will add to the tranquility of the property.
  • Each unit has a patio facing the water. We will add barbecue grills and paint the docks further beautifying the property.
  • Approximately three acres of green space are currently unused at the front of the property. The addition of a dog park, playground and walking trail are all potential uses to improve the quality of life for our residents.

Tanglewood Apartments – 160 units

  • The mature trees and condition of these brick buildings provide a strong foundation for our planned improvements.
  • The property is currently using six units for administrative purposes. With our business plan, we will be able to bring four units back online as tenant-occupied units.
  • The property has a small playground with limited shade near the playground. We will add shade structures and barbecue stations to increase the usage of this area.
  • This property is situated in a quiet location within close proximity to many of the area’s large employers.

Offering Details At A Glance


Purchase Price


Equity Raise


Minimum Investment


Occupancy Rate


Holding Period



Expense Ratio


Preferred Return


Return of Member Capital in Year 3



Bonus Depreciation Yr. 1

Projected Investor Returns


IRR: 20.3%


COC: 12.0%


Total Return: 110.4%

Syndication Benefits


Invest in otherwise unobtainable, high-value apartments with high returns using our vast experience, financial sponsorship power, and capital aggregation.


Take advantage of tax advantages such as depreciation, accelerated depreciation, cost segregation, passive income tax treatment, IRA investing, and death tax benefits.


Through the life cycle of syndication, the property’s rental income pays down the debt service. The principal reductions will be returned to investors after the property has been sold.


Limited Partners (LPs) are passive investors wishing to invest their money in safe, cash-flowing assets, but may not possess the expertise, time, and desire to acquire an apartment community by themselves.



Housing is still a need for people regardless of the economic situation. Historically, rental properties have fared well in recessions. Larger multifamily complexes were one of the few profitable real estate investments during the COVID-19 lockdown.


The investment is protected by real estate, a tangible asset.


Georgia Highlights


Economic development projects created more than 24,000 jobs across all regions of Georgia during the first two quarters of fiscal year 2021, totaling more than $8.43 billion. This represents a 67% increase in new investments over the first nine months of fiscal year 2020.


Global markets are easily accessible through the seamless network of global air, sea, rail, and highway systems, which includes the busiest, most efficient airport in the world and the fourth largest container seaport in North America.


#1 State in U.S. for business (CNBC, Site Selection, and Area Development)

#1 Best State for workforce in the U.S. (CNBC)

#1 Labor climate in the U.S. (Area Development)

#2 Infrastructure and global access in the U.S. (Area Development)


GA’s workforce of 6 million+ is constantly refreshed by growing population along with 90,000 graduates from 80 colleges.

Warner Robins By The Numbers

Georgia has favorable landlord laws, affordable housing and extensive employment options.


$500M I-16 and I-75 Interchange infrastructure investment to reduce traffic congestion and increase travel efficiency for commuters and commercial/freight trucks. Will make Macon more connected to Atlanta and support Middle Georgia’s growing freight and logistics industry.


Middle GA boasts an impressively low unemployment rate of only 4.1%, while Warner Robins is at 3.07%.

MSA Population

The Warner Robins MSA has a population of 187,400, while the Macon/Warner Robins/Ft. Valley CSA has a population of over 420,00.


House value

From 2000 to 2019, the average house value has increased over 83%.


A $36.7 million project will reach 100 percent of the Middle Georgia EMC membership with fiber-to-the-home internet upon completion which is expected within two years. The first customers will be connected as early as the first quarter of 2022.

Rent growth

Warner Robins’s rent growth is the 2nd highest in Georgia, at +5.06% year over year for the last five years.

Population Growth

The population of Warner Robins has grown over 61% during the period of 2000-2020. 


The average household income has grown more than 34% during the period of 2000-2019. 

Growing Community

One of Georgia’s fastest growing markets, Warner Robins reveals favorable market dynamics, including Georgia’s 2nd strongest rent growth, record population growth and 97% average occupancy.

Growing Community

The city has invested ~$35m dollars in parks over the last 3 years, including an $18m sporting complex that opened mid-2021.

Access To Employment

The property is conveniently situated near major employers that continue to expand and offer more employment options.

Warner Robins – Excelling with Business Growth

In April 2021 local leaders announced a $22 million investment to add 20,500 square-feet to the local Kumho tire plant. The plant was originally a $600 million dollar investment that was built in 2016. According to the company, the new Automated Production Unit (APU) will improve product quality and increase efficiency, allowing them to produce an additional 500,000 tires per year.

Plano-based Frito-Lay has announced plans to invest $200 million in a plant expansion in Houston County, Georgia. The expansion will add multiple manufacturing lines and additional warehouse space. These plans are expected to create approximately 120 new jobs, in addition to the 1500+ it already employs.

 The Houston County Board of Education is one of the top employers in the county with more than 5500 employees. Houston County schools have 16:1 student to teacher ratio and are ranked in the top 20% of school districts in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "syndication" and what does it mean to be a passive investor?

Syndication is simply a pooling of resources to invest in something as a group.

A real estate syndication allows passive investors (known as “Limited Partners” or “LPs”) to invest in a project that is larger than they would be able to purchase as individuals.

Passive investors don’t do any of the work to manage the project. Sponsors (also known as general partners or GPs) are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the property. End-to-end, the project will be run by our sponsors, who have decades of combined experience.

A passive investor invests his or her money, then sits back and earns returns. You reap the financial benefits of real estate investment without the time commitment and hard work – no need to worry about tenants, termites, or toilets. All that is taken care of by our team, and we provide regular updates as the project is progressing.

How long should I plan to have my money invested?

Most projects plan for a 5-6 year hold, so you should plan to have your money in the investment for that amount of time. Cashflow returns will be received during this period, but your initial investment cannot be withdrawn.

However, we understand that five years is a long time, and life happens. If a major life event happens, we will do everything in our power to help you get out of the investment, including buying out your shares if necessary.

What returns should I expect on my investment?

While exact percentages may vary from investment to investment, types of returns remain the same. The cash on cash return is paid out throughout the lifecycle of each investment. At the end of the project, you will also receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the asset.

How are deals typically structured?

The property will be a limited liability company owned by you, which comes with all the benefits like depreciation and cash flow, meaning that the property will be owned by a property LLC whose only asset is the property (reducing liability). Therefore, in essence, you own part of the company that owns the property through your shareholding in the Property LLC. By doing this, you can record cash flows and depreciation directly through the asset and realize long term capital gains upon sale.

Can I invest if I am not an Accredited Investor?

Yes. It is not necessary for you to be an accredited investor, but accredited investors are welcome.

Are these investments safe?

Even though multifamily properties are among the most risk-free investments you can make, every investment has a certain amount of risk involved. By buying below market value, we are able to increase income and reduce expenses while reducing risk. Most strategies are pretty straightforward, so success relies largely on the ability to execute them effectively. As part of our management, our team oversees the property manager, ensuring all is being done as planned.

A few types of commercial real estate such as apartment buildings and self-storage facilities operate independently from the stock market. As a matter of fact, they fare considerably better in recessions, as more and more people tend to downsize. Additionally, multifamily buildings are also safer investments than single family homes, since even if one tenant moves out, it won’t affect the others who will pay down the mortgage.

Every project is controlled to the greatest extent possible to minimize risk, and when anything unexpected occurs, we notify you immediately and work  to resolve issues as promptly as possible.

The safety of your investment is the #1 priority for us.

What if there is a downturn in the economy?

In a down market, we won’t want to sell. In this case, the goal would be to continue paying the preferred return until the market improves to achieve a higher sale price. A class B/C value add property typically holds up better in a recession because people need a place to stay and the rents are in line with the market / service economy demographic that is most often still employed during recessions as opposed to the class A renter earning +$100K, and are at greater risk of losing their jobs.

What is a preferred return?

We structure most of our deals with a 7-8% preferred return. It means that the first 7-8% of a return (distributions from cash flow or capital events like refinancing proceeds or sales) will go entirely to the limited partners, and nothing to the general partners. Aside from the fact that there are no guarantees in any investment, this is the next best thing out there.

Am I able to cash out of my investment at any time?

No. Property investments are by nature more long-term than stocks and bonds.

When I fund an investment, what happens to the money?

Wire transfers or checks can be sent directly into the fund’s subscription account. Funds are generally held in an escrow account in the LLC’s name until the property is closed. The GP team never takes possession of your money.

Can I invest With My IRA, 401k, and/or Life Insurance Policy?

Yes. Any of those sources can work for investment capital.

Is there a webinar or more details regarding this deal, the team, etc.?

Yes. You can click on the “webinar” button to sign up for our next live webinar and the replay.

I am not sure if I should make a soft reservation. If I change my mind later, how will that affect the transaction?

It is important to note that the soft reserve simply holds a space for you in the deal and does not lock you in. There’s no penalty for backing out if you decide later that you’ve changed your mind. Nevertheless, you should know that if you want to increase your investment down the road there may not be room for that extra amount. When in doubt, reserve an amount now, review all materials, and adjust down later if necessary.

Investments Will Be Taken On A First-Come, First-Served Basis


Use the Soft-Reserve button now to reserve your spot, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to your active investor (GP) contact. We look forward to partnering with you on this opportunity.

This material does not constitute an offer or a solicitation to purchase securities. An offer can only be made by the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).The PPM and its exhibits contain complete information about the Property and the investment opportunity. The information contained herein is not a substitute for an investor’s complete review of all of the information attached to the PPM as part of their own due diligence regarding this investment opportunity and its suitability for their investment portfolio.